Ed Madison, Faculty

Portrait of Ed Madison

Current Term Expires June 2025

Ed Madison, PhD, is a University of Oregon alumnus (Communication & Society ’12). Madison’s multifaceted career in media and journalism began as a high school intern at the Washington Post-owned CBS television affiliate in Washington, DC. At age 22, he became a founding producer for CNN. Madison enjoyed a 23 year-long journalism and media career in Los Angeles before returning to academia. Madison is now an associate professor at UO’s School of Journalism and Communication, and has affiliated faculty status with the College of Education.

Madison helped establish OR Media, a production team within the SOJC that facilitates experiential learning opportunities for students, and supports media partnerships and faculty research projects. OR Media mentors SOJC students who have also created professional-caliber projects for Oregon Public Broadcasting, PBS NewsHour, Travel Oregon, the City of Eugene, Oregonlive.com, KLCC, and the Register-Guard.

Madison also co-founded and is the executive director of the Journalistic Learning Initiative, a nonprofit that applies journalistic strategies to improve students’ academic outcomes in under-served communities. He has several publications, including the books Reimagining Journalism in a Post Truth World (with co-author Ben DeJarnette), and Newsworthy: Cultivating Critical Thinkers, Readers, and Writers in Language Arts Classrooms.