Board Appointments

Appointments to the University of Oregon Board of Trustees

Appointing members of the University of Oregon’s governing board, trustees, is the role of the governor of the state of Oregon. The governor makes a nomination, which must then be confirmed by the Oregon State Senate. It sounds a little daunting, but it is really quite simple!

Below is general information about the appointment process. Please contact the board’s office with any questions: or 541-346-3166.

What is a trustee?

Trustees—members of the UO’s governing board—are public officials who hold a fiduciary responsibility for the university. Fiduciary responsibility is often thought of as financial management, but it is much more than that. It is about overall management, oversight, and sustainability of the institution. Trustees are not compensated for their work on the board.

What positions are available for appointment?

The University of Oregon Board of Trustees will be seeking applicants during academic year 2024-2025 to fill a a second undergraduate student position.  If you have any questions about serving on the Board or the appointment process, please contact the Board's office.  If you have questions about the campus nomination process and estimated timing for applying in the upcoming academic year, please contact the ASUO President.     For questions on other board positions, please contact the Board's office.

You can see individual trustee terms on the Meet the Trustees page. The Governor’s Executive Appointments website also maintains annual lists of anticipated terms expirations.

How does one apply?

If you wish to apply, an application must be submitted to the governor’s office. You will need to include your resume, a short personal biography, and answers to supplemental questions. Visit the Boards & Commissions website for the most up-to-date details on the application process and links to the electronic application. If you have any questions about how to apply, contact the Governor’s executive appointments staff or you can always contact the Board's office as well. 

Are there endorsement processes for these positions?

Board leadership will submit recommendations to the governor for the at-large positions. Recommendations are based on a holistic view of the board, its priorities, and the skills, experiences and perspectives that will contribute to a well-rounded, effective and collegial body. 

Board leadership does not make recommendations regarding the faculty, student or staff trustee positions. Individual organizations on campus, such as the ASUO or the University Senate, may submit recommendations to the governor’s office for certain positions. Any processes associated with these are run by those organizations and not facilitated by the board’s office.

What is the deadline to apply for terms opening up this year?

The application deadline for the second student position will be posted here once determined, as the next vacancy is projected for July 2025. 

What is the process for appointment after I apply?

The process is managed by the governor’s office, but it will likely include the following key steps. The board’s office will work to keep applicants and nominees updated as best as possible along the way.

  • The governor’s office typically interviews all applicants.
  • The governor will submit a nomination to the State Senate by late April (approximate).
  • The appropriate senate committee will hold a hearing regarding pending appointments; this could be in mid-May, but the schedule and details are set and managed by that committee.
  • Assuming the senate committee endorses the appointment, the full senate would then vote on confirmation.

Where can I get more information about serving on the board?

Please reach out to the board’s office by emailing! Staff will be happy to answer any questions, connect you with existing trustees, etc.

How long are the terms for a trustee? Are there term limits?  

At-large positions have four-year terms and the campus-based positions (student, faculty, and staff) have two-year terms. All trustees may serve up to two full consecutive terms. If a trustee is appointed to fill a seat after the term has started, then that first appointment is considered a partial term, not a full term (i.e., filling out the rest of another term).

Any other questions?

If you have questions about the Board of Trustees, responsibilities, meeting schedules, or general commitments, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the Secretary at 541-346-3166 or at