Board Appointments

Below is some general information about the appointment process. Please contact the Board of Trustees’ office with any questions: or 541-346-3166.

Appointing members of the University of Oregon’s governing board, trustees, is the role of the governor of the state of Oregon. The governor makes a nomination, which must then be confirmed by the Oregon State Senate. It sounds a little daunting, but it is really quite simple!

What positions are available for appointment?

There are currently no vacancies anticipated until July 2021. At that time, we anticipate the student, staff, and faculty positions to be up for appointment, as well as some at-large seats. More information about those will be available on this site fall of 2020.

How does one apply?

If you wish to apply, the executive appointments interest form is available on the governor’s website. The form, along with a statement of interest and a resume, are submitted to the governor’s office directly via If you have any questions about how to apply, Governor Brown’s executive appointments staff is available at that same email address, and you can always contact the Board’s office at

What is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply for any given vacancy is set by the Governor’s office. For the vacancies opening in summer 2021, please check back in the early part of that year. The deadline to apply can vary for any given appointment cycle due to factors such as volume and legislative schedules. The deadline is typically three to five months prior to a vacancy taking effect. An applicant can submit materials at any time, even if there is no specific vacancy or deadline. The Governor’s office typically keeps applications on file for two years.

What are the steps to appointment?

After you submit an application, the governor’s office vets candidates and the governor ultimately makes a nomination to the Oregon State Senate. The Senate, in turn, has a two-step process for confirmation. First, the Senate Committee on Rules and Executive Appointments holds a hearing, which usually includes nominee testimony and questions from the committee’s members. If the committee votes to advance the nomination, the second step is a vote by the full senate. If the senate confirms the appointment, the appointee is sent an Oath of Office to complete.


What is a trustee?

Trustees—members of the UO’s governing board—are public officials who hold a fiduciary responsibility for the university. Fiduciary responsibility is often thought of as financial management, but it is much more than that. It is about overall management, oversight, and sustainability of the institution. Trustees are not compensated for their work on the board.

How long are the terms for a trustee?

It depends on whether the position is an at-large position or one of the campus-based positions (the student, faculty, or staff trustee). At-large positions have four-year terms and the campus-based positions have two-year terms.

Are there term limits?

Trustees may serve up to two full consecutive terms. If a trustee is appointed to fill a mid-term vacancy, that initial appointment is considered a partial term (i.e., filling out the rest of another term).

How do I know when a position will be open?

This website will be updated several months before any term is scheduled to end, or as soon as we know about a mid-term vacancy. You can also see individual trustee terms on the Meet the Trustees page. The Governor’s Executive Appointments website also maintains annual lists of anticipated term expirations and vacancies.

Any other questions?

If you have questions about the Board of Trustees, responsibilities, meeting schedules, or general commitments, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the Secretary at 541-346-3166 or at