Cy Abbott, Graduate Student

Headshot of Trustee Cy Abbott

Current Term Expires June 2026

Cy Abbott, the inaugural graduate student member of the board, is a Ph.D. Student and Graduate Employee in Geography. Abbott has been at UO for 4 years, earning an M.S. in 2022 for his research on boundary delineation between Greece and Turkey. Apart from his research, teaching, and very active involvement in his department, Abbott has also committed himself to service on behalf of the larger graduate student community at UO. 

Abbott served two elected terms as Vice President for Grievances in the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation and went on to represent the Union as a Lead Negotiator in its most recent contract bargaining cycle. He is excited to apply his well-honed experience to continue investing in community, and he looks forward to the opportunity to be a voice on behalf of all graduate students in the Board’s work to promote and serve the University as a whole.