Patrick Phillips, Ex Officio

Headshot of Interim President Patrick Phillips

Ex Officio Member

Patrick C. Phillips is the interim president of the University of Oregon. He was appointed to the position on August 20 by the university’s Board of Trustees. As interim president, Phillips is the institution’s chief executive officer and is focused on advancing the UO’s mission through enhancing academic and research excellence, supporting student access and success, improving inclusion and diversity, and providing an outstanding campus experience. 

A noted biologist, Phillips has a long history at the UO, beginning in 2000 when he became a faculty member in the Department of Biology. As a professor, he has conducted extensive research focusing on understanding how genetic information contained within DNA is translated into the complex suite of features that characterize all organisms. His work uses the model nematode C. elegans and its relatives to research the molecular genetic basis of natural variation in traits such as body size, reproductive success, and behavior, as well as seeking novel approaches to understand the biological basis of aging and to identify genes and environmental interventions that increase health span and longevity.