Board Vacancies

Update: The student trustee deadline was January 31, 2019. We will keep the Univeristy of Oregon community informed as Governor Brown makes a selection.

Student Trustee Appointment Process

The UO Board of Trustees has one position dedicated for a student at the institution. The current student trustee’s term will end in June 2019.

Appointing trustees is the role of Governor Kate Brown. The Governor makes a nomination, which must then be confirmed by the Oregon State Senate.

For those interested in applying to serve on the board, please see the below information. Please contact the Board of Trustees’ office with any questions: or 541-346-3166.

When does the next student term begin?

The student term would begin July 1, 2019.

How long are student terms?

The term for a student trustee is two years. While the student trustee does not have to serve the entire term (e.g., if you’re going to be a senior in fall 2019), the preference of the Board is to have students who can fulfill a full term due to the learning curve.

How often does the board meet?

The board typically meets four times per year, sometimes with additional ad hoc meetings. These meetings are traditionally in the early part of September, December, March and June. Meetings—including the full board meeting and committee meetings—are two days.

Are there other schedule obligations?

The student trustee typically holds office hours once per quarter, and is often invited to a number of events on campus. These are optional and the board office will work with you to ensure that school continues to come first!

Is there a unique role for the student trustee?

Members appointed from the faculty, staff and student constituencies have the same duties as other trustees and do not represent those constituencies. As the current trustee articulately says, “I am a representative from the student body, but not a representative of the student body.”

How does one apply?

If you wish to apply, please complete the Governor’s interest form available here. If you have any questions about how to apply, Governor Brown’s executive appointments staff is available at The application deadline is January 31, 2019 to allow both the Governor’s office and the State Senate enough time to complete their work.

Any other questions?

If you have questions about the Board of Trustees, responsibilities, meeting schedules or general commitments, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the Secretary at 541-346-3166 or at